Strong organizational feelings warm the hearts of Party members

Maoming Port Group carried out a series of "July 1" visiting activities


To vigorously carry forward the glorious tradition and fine work style of the Party,Promote inner-party encouragement, care and help "landing into the heart" before July 1,Group Party committee members led a team to visit a total of 7 old Party members, poor party members and Party members in the front line of epidemic prevention and control and rural revitalization,Season's greetings and best wishes to them,Send care and warmth to the organization。

On June 28, Xiao Bingzhang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of the Group, led a team to Nanmentou Village, a village dispatched by the first secretary of the group to help the cadre Zuo Peihu。他听取了村干部对乡村振兴工作今后的工作思路和计划,告诫驻村干部平时多走访群众,了解群众所需所想,及时帮助群众解决生产生活当中的困难;多研究产业帮扶的新路子,切实为群众办好事、办实事。Before leaving, Xiao Bingzhang encouraged the village to help the cadres, maintain the enthusiasm of work, with a strong sense of responsibility, a sense of mission, the work of rural revitalization to the hearts of the masses, consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, live up to the expectations of the group Party committee。

On June 30, Yang Chaocan, a member of the Party Committee and vice president, and Chen Jun, a member of the Party Committee, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and inspector of the group, visited the veteran Party members of the port management company。At the office of the port management company, Yang Chao-can visited veteran employee and veteran Party member Li Qiang。He thanked Li Qiang for his hard work in the port business for nearly 40 years and hoped that the veteran party member could continue to exert his spare energy and offer suggestions for the group's development after his retirement。Into the old party member Li Bao home, Chen Jun kindly asked him about his physical life, told him to take care of your health, enjoy your old age。I learned that the old man has been a member of the party for 63 years and has actively fulfilled his duties,Chen Jun was deeply touched,He emphasized that,Veteran Party members have made important contributions to the cause of the Party and the country,It is the precious wealth of our Party,Relevant departments should do their utmost to take care of the lives of veteran party members,The majority of young Party members should earnestly learn from the veteran party members of hard work, thrift and simple fine quality。

On June 29, CAI Guangzhang, a member of the Party Committee and chief engineer of the Group, visited Chen Zhi, an excellent Party member of the Group, and fully affirmed his attitude and performance of actively participating in the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus epidemic and safety and environmental protection. He encouraged him to cherish his honor, make continuous efforts and continue to play a pioneering and exemplary role。

6月30日,Group Vice President Zhu Guangyu visited CPC Wanggang Party members Huang Qijin and Li Yutao,Encourage them to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards life,Take good care of your health,And said,The organization will not forget the contributions made by Party members in their ordinary posts,All relevant departments should care about the lives of Party members in need,Take care of their worries。

The purpose of this visit is to let veteran Party members feel the warmth of the Party, encourage them to carry forward the glorious tradition and fine work style of the Party, based on their posts, fulfill their mission responsibilities, gather strong strength and forge ahead for a new journey, strive to write a new chapter of high-quality development of the group, and dedicate to the 20 National Congress of the Party with greater practical achievements。(Cao Xiaolin)

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