The labor union of Maoming Port Group carried out the "send cool" activity


On July 14, Yang Chaocan, member of the Party Committee, vice president and chairman of the labor union of the Group, led a team to the wharf operation site of the Group's subordinate port operating company, the reservoir area of CPC Wanggang Company and the construction site of the key project of Bohe New Port Area to "send cooling", distributing anti-heat drinks and supplies for the frontline workers。

At every place, Yang Chaocan listened carefully to everyone's work and expressed sympathy to the staff who were still fighting in the front line during the high temperature, thanking them for their efforts and sweat for the group's production and operation and project construction。He told everyone to pay attention to heat prevention and cooling, safe operation, safe construction and epidemic prevention and control in high temperature construction operations, and asked the company's labor union, each project department to earnestly implement labor protection and heat prevention and cooling measures, effectively protect the physical and mental health of the majority of employees, as a good worker close to the "mother's family"。

The "cool and refreshing" sent by the group's labor union moved the front-line employees. They all expressed that they would continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, devote themselves to work in a fuller state, and make greater contributions to the group's annual goals and tasks。 (Chen Libing)

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